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Clear Aligner Orthodontic Treatment

An innovative, discreet, and effective system of care, Clear Aligner Orthodontic Treatment offers a cosmetic way to align your smile with minimal interference to daily activities!

We maintain a position at the forefront of the latest advances in care to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental services. With clear aligner orthodontic treatment, we can provide care that is at once comfortable, convenient, and so discreet that no one will ever know you’re wearing appliances to align your smile! Custom-made to the exact specifications of your smile, clear aligner orthodontic treatment incrementally move your teeth into their correct positions. All you need to do is to swap-out last week’s aligner for the next one in the series and watch as your smile progressively shows signs of improvement. And, because clear aligner orthodontic treatment is removable for short amounts of time, you can still enjoy the foods you love as well as brush and floss your teeth with ease!

With Clear Aligner Orthodontic's, your treatment is practically “invisible!”

Now that orthodontic care has entered the age of aligners, more and more patients are deciding it’s time to straighten their smiles. Transforming smiles with minimal interference to daily activities, clear aligner orthodontic treatment means patients can enjoy eating all of their favorite foods and engage in sports without the fear of breaking their orthodontic appliances or sharp poking wires. Moreover, as the aligners are completely removable, there’s also no need to struggle to brush and floss in between orthodontic brackets and wires. 

While not a solution for every type of malocclusion, Clear Aligner Orthodontic Treatment is an excellent choice for many image-conscious teens and adults. 

Remember, a beautiful smile begins today! Contact our office for more information about treatment with Clear Aligners and to schedule a consultation visit.

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